Double-glazed windows
(Insulated glass units)


insulated glass unit - double glazing window

The glazing unit consists of several sheets of glass, between which there is a space filled with air.

The glasses are joined with the help of glue and a spacer. In this way, a hermetically sealed space is formed between the glass panes, which completely eliminates the possibility of polluted air getting inside. This is the reason why the double-glazed windows got a long usage life. Increased heat and sound insulation, wind resistance as well as a special coating against solar rays can be added to it.

insulated glass unit - double glazing window



If you are looking for windows for your building or object, you can trust us! We offer a huge range of possible customizations for every taste. Reflective glass (mirror effect) with different shades, double-glazed windows 4 seasons, against solar rays, sound insulation, safety glasses, and much more.

Glass Facade

The glass facade contributes to a stunning inner and outer design. We can help with your project with our wide array of possibilities. Our High-Performance glasses can reflect light and you can control the amount of light entering the building. They can also isolate noise, endure fires, and hurricane wind. The possibilities at Baros Glass are limitless.

Glass roof

Glass dormers and roofs are a truly effective solution for allowing sunlight into any building. They give a feeling of more space and modern design.


✓ The thickness of the double-glazed windows: 20mm – 48mm.

✓ Transparent or reflective glass with colour.

✓ Standard, low emission, solar, solar low emission.

✓ Laminate: Regular, Acoustic, Matte.

✓ Inside: Argon (gas) or air.

✓ Hardened or not hardened.

✓ Closed with PU or Silicone.


✓ Glazing

✓ Glass facade

✓ Glass dormers

✓ Glass roofs

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