Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the frequently asked questions from our customers about railing glass:

What is the role of the film between the glass panels of laminated glass?

Safety: Holds the glass particles together if the glass breaks, reducing the risk of injury from sharp shards.

Structural integrity: The foil improves the overall strength of the glass, making it more resistant to impact and breakage.

UV protection: Blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, helping to protect the interior from sun damage.

Sound insulation: The foil improves the sound insulation properties of the glass.

What will happen if a glass breaks?

Tempered triplex is manufactured with a minimum of two films between the glass panels, which prevent the glass from shattering into sharp, dangerous pieces. Instead, the broken glass usually forms a “cobweb” pattern of cracks, remaining stuck to the foil. This quality greatly reduces the risk of injury from flying or falling pieces of glass. Also, because the glass remains largely intact, it continues to act as a protective barrier against wind, rain, and noise – even when damaged.

Are balustrade glasses edged?

Yes, all of our balustrade glasses are edged to make them perfectly safe to use.

Why do glasses need to be tempered?

To withstand the tension that is created to strengthen the structure. Non-tempered glass can easily crack or break during installation or the subsequent usage of the railing system.

Can adjustments be made to the size of tempered glass?

No. Once tempered, railing glass cannot be resized. The glass must be sized correctly before the tempering process.

How many foils should be used for glasses produced with irregular shapes and openings on them?

Due to their irregular shapes and the presence of holes, the stress concentration of these glasses can be at specific points and this leads to potential breakage in these areas. The security requirement is to use a minimum of three foils between the panes in these cases.

What is the maximum length the glass can be produced?

For tempered glass – 4 meters

For non-tempered glass – 5 meters

How are the glasses transported?

In wooden pyramids. When ordering glasses under 10m2, transport packaging is charged.

What is the difference between clear and ultra-clear glass?

Apart from the price difference, glasses manufactured as Ultra Clear are mostly called low iron glasses. The difference in color in the cross-sectional view of the glass is due to this iron content. In the production of these glasses, instead of iron reduction, is used the method of producing less iron-containing raw materials in the form of float glass.

Can a single pane of glass be used for a glass railing?

No. Single-pane glass is not safe for the security of the user.

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