Laminated Glass

EN 14449:2005

laminated glass baros glass quality

Laminated glass (also called triplex) is a type of safety glass that stays whole even after being shattered. In case of breaking it stays in one piece because of the middle layer of Polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The middle layer keeps the glass layers together. It has high toughness and does not allow the glass to shatter into big sharp pieces. There is a distinctive web-like breaking pattern of the glass when the force of the impact is not enough to go through the glass. Laminated glass is usually used in cases when there is a possibility of human impact. A preferred choice in many architectural applications where there is a risk for passers-by or a higher breaking resistance is sought.

laminated glass baros glass quality
glass railing

Glass railing

glass railing

The laminated glass is the best solution for glass railings. Thanks to the middle layer even if the glass breaks, it remains whole and eliminates the risk of somebody being hurt.

We at Baros Glass offer you a large selection of laminated glass, which you can use for a variety of frameless glass railings.

Recommended thickness of the glass 6.6 (12mm); 8.8 (16mm) and 10.10 (20mm).

Glass stairs

glass stairs with laminated glass

Glass stairs are becoming more and more popular not only because they look beautiful but also for their exceptional durability.

They are being used in most modern villas, houses, and public places. They contribute to a truly modern look, let the light through, and do not require special maintenance. The recommended thickness: 10.10.10 (30mm) with 4 laminates.

glass stairs with laminated glass
glass floor from laminated glass

Glass floor

glass floor from laminated glass

The glass floor is a modern solution to let the light go through the different levels of your home. It is becoming increasingly popular in recent years all over the world.

It is really tough and safe – that makes it a perfect choice for houses, public places, and public attractions. Many times it has been used as a solution for attractive bridges.

Recommended thickness without props 10.10.10 (30mm); 12.12.12 (36mm).

Glass showcases

shop windows from laminated glass

Glass showcases with laminated glass are widely used where the height and safety are key points, even more, if they are mounted higher than the ground level. They let a lot of light through. Coloured glass can be used to serve as a facade.

shop windows from laminated glass
bulletproof glass br1 br7

Bulletproof glass (BR1-BR7)

bulletproof glass br1 br7

Bulletproof glass is designed to stop crime and to significantly increase the safety of the person behind it.

Manufactured in accordance with EN1063. Levels of toughness from Br1-Br7. Mostly used by military buildings, government agencies, psychiatric wards, jewelers, banks, police departments, museums, or where the security of life and property is key or under potential threat.

Baros Glass is a manufacturer of laminated glass


✓ The thickness of the glass: 4+4, 5+5, 6+6, 8+8, 10+10, 12+12, and etc.

✓ Transparent or ultra-transparent (no hues)

✓ Coloured glass: brown, gray, blue, green. Also combinations of coloured + transparent or coloured + coloured for richer colour.

✓ Coloured laminate – white, black, gray, blue, red, and etc.

✓ Digital print for images and logos.

✓ Satin effect of the glass or with different patterns.

✓ Noise eliminating laminate and etc.


✓ Glass railings

✓ Glass shop windows

✓ Glass curtains

✓ Glass shower cabins

✓ Glass doors

✓ Bulletproof glass

✓ Curved glass

Did you know that we offer high-quality glass railings?

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