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Thanks to our many years of experience with glass, BarosGlass can provide aesthetics and innovative technology, both beautiful looking and functional glass structure. We strive to understand and fulfil customer expectations for the highest quality, efficiency, durability and design.

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With talented and highly qualified professionals, BarosGlass offers a well-known and complete range of products and services for architects and private clients. Working with some of the world’s leading architects, Baros Glass is number one among luxury glazing projects in Europe.

BarosGlass offers the most innovative technology for architectural glass, applicable in railings, stairs, sheds, curved glass and floors. Our full range of advanced glass solutions includes: Tempered Glass, Triplex and Tempered Triplex, Color, Dark, Matte, Embossed, and PVB / SGP Laminating.

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Production centre office and warehouse Asenovgradsko Shose, next to KCM, 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
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