Tempered Glass


tempered glass

The tempered glass is produced by heating and cooling. The glass must be cut and edged in advance before it is put in the tempering furnace. Afterward, it is heated up to 630 °C and then cooled – the process is called tempering. After tempering the glass hardens and becomes 4 to 5 times stronger and more durable. The tempered glass can be used for glass railings, facades, glass curtains, and others. Some of the main advantages of the tempered glass are it’s thoughness and the fact that upon shattering it breaks into small pieces which significantly reduces the posibility of injuries the the people around it.

tempered glass
glass railings

Glass Railings

glass railings

The tempered glass is suitable for glass railings as it gives beautiful look and ensures the safe usage.

Glass railing systems with tempered glass are the perfect choice for people who want to keep the view from their balconies and open spaces because the system is transparent and strong.

Modern and clean design can be easily achieved with glass railings using tempered glass. This is why they are top choice in Europe when it comes to stairs and balconies of office and business buildings.

The recommended thickness of the glass is 10-12mm.

Glass Panels

glass window panels from tempered glass

The glass panels are suitable and stylish option for offices. You can easily separate the work space without the need to sacrifice natual light.

Very popular in the western parts of Europe, the office glass panels help with the sound insulation and in the same time eliminate the feeling of enclosed space created by many walls.

If you are a builder or contractor who regularly installs glass partitions in homes and offices – Baros Glass offers you tempered glass panels with top quality and competitive prices.

glass window panels from tempered glass
glass door with tempered glass

Glass Doors

glass door with tempered glass

Glass doors are a preferred choice all-around the world. They are mostly used for shops, restaurants, snack bars, beauty salons, and various office spaces. 

The standard thickness of the glass is 10 mm which guarantees their strength.

Glass doors can be with transparent glass or frosted where privacy is needed. Frosted glass can be engraved with a company logo or various shapes to achieve a unique and remarkable design.

Glass Shower Cabins

Glass shower cabins are an increasingly desirable improvement in home renovation projects. They fit perfectly into minimalist designs and give a more luxurious and open look to the bathroom.

Shower cabins contribute not only to the beautiful and aesthetically complete look of the bathroom, but also to its functionality.

We at Baros Glass offer you tempered glass made to the customer’s desired size and design. Choose the best quality material for your project.

Baros Glass is a manufacturer of tempered glass


✓ Thickness of the glass: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm.

✓ Transparent is standard and used for most of the projects.

✓ Ultra transparent is the glass without any hue.

✓ Coloured glass: Brown, gray, blue, green and etc.

✓ Satin effect or various patterns of the glass.


✓ Glass railings

✓ Glass shop windows

✓ Glass curtains

✓ Glass shower cabins

✓ Glass doors

Did you know that we offer high-quality glass railings?

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