Welcome to our factory. It is built upon 35,000 sq/m of land and has a total of 25,000 sq/m factory space. We have over 250 qualified professionals.

For information such as Capacity, Dimensions, and production standards go to our Technical Information page. 

baros glass factory tour


Used for Vacuum Lamination of the PVB film.

automatic glass laminating machine

Automatic Laminating machine

Used for preparing, cutting, and applying of the PVB film.

cnc processing machine

CNC processing

A procedure related to the making and subsequent processing of holes and shapes on the glass.

glass glazing machine

Glazing machine

Used to prepare glazing / insulated glass.

glass washing machine

Washing machine

Used for washing the glass before lamination.

glass tempering furnace for glass

Tempering furnace

Used for tempering the glass and production of curved glass.

digital printer

Digital printer

Used for digital printing on the glass.

glass cutting tables

Cutting tables

Used for cutting the glass.